DAB Empire Inc, a leading internet marketing company, is the brainchild of Damon Burton. While having formally started his internet marketing agency over half a decade ago, Damon has been working as a creative web designer since 1998. A few years later, having recognized a gap in the industry, Damon shifted the majority of his operations to also include internet marketing to compliment his custom web design work. And then, an empire was born.

DAB Empire Inc now proudly services Inc 500/5000 recognized companies, international retailers, high profile lawyers, industry leading brokers, well known gurus and consultants as their clients. Since the company’s formal inception in 2007, they have managed to grow an average of 697% annually. Many companies grow quickly in their first year or two. What is unique about DAB Empire Inc is that their growth continues year after year, including closing out the last year with 187% growth. Did we mention that DAB Empire has also accomplished such growth without spending any funds towards their own marketing. While it may seem ironic that a marketing company has done little marketing to promote their own ventures, you quickly rethink that position when you realize that nearly all of their growth has come from satisfied clients and their referrals. That speaks volumes.

President of DAB Empire Inc, Damon Burton, comments, “Customers should always be number one. Obviously, everyone is in business for success, but that success will only come when you treat your customers right.” With DAB Empire having a 95%+ retention rate of all clients since their inception, they must know a thing or two about customer service.

Damon adds, “I still talk personally to each one of our clients on a regular basis. And no matter how large the company continues to grow, I want to continue that practice. It creates such a personal relationship with our customers. I know exactly what is going on with their campaign no matter which one of our team members are the driving force and it builds trust and friendship. If you have those two things with a customer they’ll stick with you for life. It makes you feel good about your operations too. When I see a customer’s name show up on the caller ID, I don’t worry about a complaint. I get excited. I look forward to the positive conversation about their progress and success that we’re about to talk about, because that’s what the call always ends up being about.”

Having evolved his business from a freelance operation into a large scale corporation, Damon reflects that the biggest tipping point in starting to build a successful operation is making the jump. “Understandably, most people are nervous about ‘making the jump’ and investing in their own startup or quitting their day job to pursue their dreams. There’s not a lot of alternatives to getting started though.”

With how much growth their internet marketing agency has had servicing clients, it is just the tip of the iceberg. For the last 18 months, DAB Empire has been focusing on launching internal projects of their own. In Q4 2011, they company launched SEO National. This DBA is dedicated to search engine optimization. In Q1 2012, they launched Online Reputations, an online reputation management company. The company’s biggest DBA launch to date is expected in Q2 2012, with a site dedicated to landing page design, which was one of Damon’s trademark design services when first starting DAB Empire. With nearly a dozen new DBA’s expected to be launched during 2012, and hundreds more over the years, literally hundreds, already prioritized and waiting in queue, DAB Empire Inc looks to be a force to be reckoned with now, and in the years to come.