Since 2007, DAB Empire Inc has been a pioneer and a leader in the internet marketing industry. From traditional web design to SEO, DAB Empire Inc is a full service internet marketing company. With their explosion of proven success in search engine marketing, DAB Empire has been focusing their efforts towards that specific marketing vertical and has expanded significantly towards the last quarter of 2011.

The first division to be launched under the DAB Empire umbrella during 3Q 2011 is SEO National. DAB Empire President, Damon Burton, comments, “SEO has really become a large part of our operations over the last five years. We felt it was a good time to launch a division that was dedicated not only to our existing SEO clients, but a division that was dedicated 100% towards SEO.” SEO National is a full service SEO company. With clients that range from private yacht and jet companies to lawyers and online retailers, SEO National is an agency that can service all clients, big or small.

After streamlining DAB Empire’s fast growth in the SEO market, they followed up on increasing customer demands in similar search marketing verticals, mainly online reputation management. Next came OnlineReputatons.org and SEOsuppression.com. While similar in execution, both sites have their diversified specialties. OnlineReputations.org focuses on managing or adding positive content so that a business or individual can know that their name is their legacy… and their legacy is good. On a similar, but opposite horizon, SEOsuppression.com focuses on adding positive content or social profiles, or suppressing and negating “bad” online search results. This has been a service that DAB Empire Inc has been providing and has been a pioneer of for years.

With the demand for this service consistently increasing, VP of Client Development, Kyle Detro, comments, “To be able to vindicate the online reputations of our clients over the years has been an amazing success. To be able to offer this as a formal service only magnifies what we, and our clients, can enjoy in the future as far as success.”

Damon comments, “It feels great to be able to offer a diverse product portfolio. It is exciting to be able to continue to service smaller, start up companies and keeping their budget in mind, all while continuing to acquire new, high profile companies that want to be more aggressive with their SEO campaign.”

For more information on DAB Empire’s services call 801-774-9999.