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As leading SEO and internet marketing agency, DAB Empire Inc (“DAB Empire”) has gone from humble beginnings to building an online empire of sorts.  Hence, the name.

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Established in 2007, DAB Empire, a driving force in the online marketing vertical, is the brainchild of Damon Burton, a creative web designer since 1998.  A few years into the operations of mostly working on design only, Mr. Burton recognized a gap in the industry.  In 2009, Damon shifted the majority of the agency’s operations towards marketing to compliment the already extensive portfolio of design clients.  An “empire” was born.

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DAB Empire managed to grow an average of 697% annually during its years of infancy, and proudly services Inc 5000 recognized companies, international retailers, high profile lawyers, industry leading brokers and consultants as their clients.  What makes this internet marketing company’s rapid growth even more interesting is that it was accomplished without any marketing on their own.  While it may seem ironic that a marketing company has done little marketing to promote their own ventures, you quickly rethink that position when you realize that nearly all of their growth has come from satisfied clients and their referrals. That speaks volumes.

President of DAB Empire, Damon Burton, comments.  “Customers should always be number one.  Obviously, everyone is in business for success.  However, that success will only come when you treat your customers right.  As our operations grow, I still talk personally to each one of our clients on a regular basis. ”  Damon adds.  “No matter how large our company continues to grow I want to continue that practice. It creates such a personal relationship with our customers.  I know exactly what is going on with their campaign no matter which one of our team members are managing it.  This builds trust and friendship. If you have those two things with a customer they’ll stick with you for life.”