Do you ever wonder when you are listening to the radio why sometimes you hear the same commercials every hour, every day?  It’s because an effective marketing ad purchase is a repetitive ad.  Generally speaking, people do not act upon hearing an ad right away.  They have to hear it a couple of times.  Then one day as they pass by somewhere they’ll think to themselves, “Oh yeah! I remember hearing on the radio where I can get what I am looking for!”

Southwest Airlines does a great job of this.  In addition to Southwest usually having the lowest prices, we are huge fans for a variety of reasons.  The main reason is their branding.  They brand themselves as a happy and loose operation.  This is a nice change from the stuffy, corporate world of airlines.  There have been many times while boarding a flight that I had the pleasure of listening to an attendant go over the flight safety guidelines in a less-than-traditionally-boring manner.

The consistent, casual attitude of Southwest has made me become a regular.

If you are asking what made me decide to write this snippet about being consistent on Thanksgiving morning, here’s your answer…

Southwest Thanksgiving Ding

Southwest Thanksgiving Ding