Online Reputation Management

Managing your reputation online can make or break you or your business these days.  Internet reputations don’t just matter to big companies either.  From entrepreneurs and small businesses to politicians and public figures, maintaining a positive reputation on the internet is the difference between closing sales or preventing them.

Online Reputation Management (“ORM“) is the process of enhancing or creating positive properties online.  These properties and can include:

  • press releases
  • existing website assets
  • online reviews
  • business listings
  • images
  • videos
  • and other online assets

In addition to distributing positive press, sometimes you may want to push down negative results.  This is called “search engine suppression.”  Just like positive reputation management, search engine suppression is accomplished by creating or highlighting positive search results.  There are 10 results per page on most search engines.  That means you need 10 positive (or at least neutral) search assets to come up to ensure moving a negative result off of page 1 of Google is a success.