What a year 2009 has been!  Our affiliate marketing operations have exploded and our clients are raking in the money!  As we have been cranking out the landing page designs for our clients’ campaigns we realized an opportunity to provide another value added service.  As many of you may know, an exit chat is a great way to lower CPA cost and increase conversions.  When a viewer visits a website, but leaves before converting to a customer there is one last opportunity to save them.  Having an exit chat window display offering the customer a discount rate as they exit will often end up saving and converting that visitor to a customer.

We have been testing our exit chat script for a few months now and the save rate is amazing.  Most exit chat scripts have an average save rate of 5% – 18% of exiting visitors.  Our exit chat has saved an average of 28% of exiting visitors.  That means that it is saving more than 1 out of every 4 people that would have been lost.  That is a huge profit gain.

We will be offering interested clients the opportunity to have a 7 day free trial.  Expected release of the exit chat script is September, 2009.